About The Riverfail Podcast

Ever have a late-night epiphany after a few too many drinks? Like millions of children, that's how this podcast was conceived as well. The product of too many beers and a sarcastic suggestion about starting a stupid podcast, Riverfail was born. This podcast isn't a love letter to Riverdale - it's a hate-fuck.

Michael, a Pekin, Illinois transplant living in Fayetteville and Jessica, a Fayetteville native, met through Michael's wife Hannah several years ago.

Michael is a soldier with a flare for skating who originally began podcasting with his sweet, beloved grandmother on Gabbin' With Grandma.

By day, Jessica manages her home using Alice Cooper as her inspiration, but by night, she is a seasoned podcast veteran having originated from 'Jarred' - the podcast a few of our guests will be recognized from. 

Michael is a family guy who resides with Hannah and their sons John & Elijah in Lillington, NC.

Jessica resides with her husband, Charles, and their three dogs in Fayetteville, NC.

The two couples try to spend as much time together as they can - Jessica and Hannah enjoy impromptu hangouts and Michael & Charles get together every Saturday for Dungeons & Dragons. 

A note from the hosts:

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy our show as much as we enjoy talking shit about Riverdale.


Jessica Brock & Michael Davis



Jessica Brock


Michael Davis


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